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Log onto and register to play. Then start your engines!


Submit your bid on 12 pre-selected auction cars to earn points. The most accurate bids will earn the most points.


Tune in to HISTORY and FYI to track your score on the leaderboard LIVE as each car crosses the auction block.


NOTICE:  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Perfect 12 promotion has been cancelled for the Palm Beach 2023 auction.   For more information, please see section four of the Official Rules.

Grand Prize

2023 Dodge Charger

2022 Leaderboard


Name Points
MARC W. 16841

Past Winners

Scottsdale 2022
Dave F.
Palm Beach 2022
Jason D.
Las Vegas 2022
Marc W.
Houston 2022
Bruce R.


HOW DO I PLAY/WIN FANTASY BID?2023-04-03T04:59:25+00:00

To win a prize, you must first register on the (the “Game Website”) to establish an account. Once an account is established, you may participate in the game to earn points and to win prizes. IMPORTANT: If you are not a registered entrant, you will be accumulating points as a guest. In order to qualify to win the yearlong Grand Prize, you must register as an entrant prior to the close of each game.

Starting January 1, 2023, log onto the Game Website via mobile device or computer to answer a variety of predictive questions about upcoming auction vehicles to accumulate points. There will be a combination of questions shown digitally within the game. The player who accumulates the most points at the end of each individual auction wins a prize. The player that accumulates the most points over the four auctions in 2023 wins the grand prize. The more accurate your answer, the more Points you can accumulate, and the better your chance at winning. All accumulated points carry forward to determine the Grand Prize winner.


The questions in the game will not be timed, although you begin to lose points the longer it takes you to lock in your answer. Remember to choose carefully – you only get one chance to answer, and then your choice is locked in!

WHAT IS THE POINT SYSTEM BREAKDOWN?2023-04-20T21:57:59+00:00

Predictive auction questions:

  • Predict the value the auction car will sell for.
  • Users receive points based on accuracy within a preset deviation range of the correct answer. The percentage of points awarded is determined by the accuracy within that range.
WHERE CAN I FIND THE LEADERBOARD?2023-04-03T04:57:31+00:00

Check out the leaderboard by clicking on the trophy icon at the top of the screen. Also, be sure to tune-in to HISTORY and FYI to see the sales results of the cars and the leaderboard update in real time.

WHAT IF THERE IS A TIE?2022-12-05T21:51:09+00:00

If there is a tie, there will be a tie-breaker question at the end of the day to break the tie if necessary.

WHAT DO I WIN?2023-04-03T04:55:38+00:00

Auction Prizes

  • One (1) Grand Prize:Prize includes the following:
    A 2023 Dodge Charger. Terms and conditions of the vehicle apply.
STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?2022-12-05T21:54:06+00:00

Email . If you’re having a technical issue, please include what device, operating system and browser you’re playing on (recommended browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge) and how you’re connected to the internet (WiFi or hardline internet).

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